Saturday, February 10, 2007

World of Sky - another pic and poem of mine

there's this ocean of marine to explore
in looking up.
Above the sky is glazed with little hues of blue
a puff of white sprays smoke
as eyes reach out and up above spindly arms of trees
past nervous noise and into the great expansive world
of sky.


P. B. Adams said...

It's strange but I keep forgetting about checking our main page now. Sorry I didn't see this sooner, Tiger. Neat picture and just a touch creepy somehow. I'm afraid of spiders, dunno if that has the slightest thing to do with my impression but maybe. :)

I liked the idea of an ocean overhead but I don't think it quite works to say ocean of marine. I'm not quite sure what would be better...also, I am wondering what the nervous noises are, birds maybe? Or something else. Dunno. Thanks.

Gina Adams said...

Hey Tiger,

Thanks for continuing to post your photographs. Definitely another one of your talents!

I love the idea of comparing the sky to an ocean. I'm not sure if marine fits exactly either. It sounds nice, though. :)

I like "a puff of white sprays smoke." And I like the "spindly arms of trees." I would like to know a little more about "nervous noise" as well.

This is a strong overall image and I think just added to it a bit would make the overall effect even stronger.


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